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★ Why We Share Our Net Worth So Openly
By | April 3, 2017 | (40 comments)

[Please welcome Mr. 1500 Days today, as he stops by to drop some knowledge on net worth and why our community is so open to sharing theirs.] Is the guy driving the fancy car wealthy? When I was a kid, I thought […]

★ 38 Money Tips from the Rockstar Community
By | March 30, 2017 | (22 comments)

When no one talks about money, everyone sucks at it. When everyone sucks at money, no one wants to talk about it. And when people do talk about money, everyone gets better at it. When everyone is better with their money, they […]

★ The Cars of Personal Finance Bloggers
By | March 20, 2017 | (109 comments)

[If you’ve ever been curious to see what financial bloggers drive, today’s your lucky day :) Big thanks to MP from for putting this together!] Since I was young, I’ve been passionate about cars. It must have something to do with […]

★ Ancestry of a F.I.R.E. Seeker
By | March 13, 2017 | (7 comments)
gold coins

[Please welcome Stuart from today, who shares with us the fascinating history of two amazing women in his family.] A few weeks ago, I was sharing my net worth with J$, which includes a unique family inheritance of over a million dollars’ […]

★ Who Wants a #GivingCard!
By | March 1, 2017 | (6 comments)

Hey y’all! J. Money here. We’re kicking off another month of our #GivingCards Project, and thought I’d post a quick note up in case anyone would like to join us who hasn’t yet :) As a recap, we launched our Community Fund […]

★ Introducing the Rockstar Blog Directory!
By | February 13, 2017 | (45 comments)
directory featured pic

If you’ve ever wondered how many personal finance bloggers there are in your home city, state or country, and how many are in their 30s or 60s, and which ones have kids, and who’s retired, or even more fascinating demographics like how […]

★ 12 Hidden Money Lessons in Hip Hop
By | January 18, 2017 | (14 comments)
hustler money

I love talking about money. Spreadsheets? Passive income? Optimizing retirement accounts? Pull up a chair, because I’m IN and boy, have I got things to say. If you’re reading this, you’re also probably kind of obsessed with talking about money. Nerd alert, […]

★ What Was Your Money Epiphany?
By | January 12, 2017 | (50 comments)

  The first time my wife and I did a monthly budget, I was shocked by what I saw. I had guessed that we spent $100 eating out the month before. I was wrong. Way wrong. We had spent $450!! Okay budget, you […]

★ The Rockstar Community Fund (RCF) is Here!
By | January 11, 2017 | (8 comments)
rockstar love

Guys! Welcome to our new initiative here on the site – The Rockstar Community Fund (RCF)! Where we pull money together and then use it to DO GOOD within our community. Or more specifically, to help you do good. Every month we’re […]

★ “Santa Baby” for Savers [Music Video]
By | December 23, 2016 | (No comments)

Ho ho ho! Merry-almost-Christmas, friends! Before we log off for the holiday weekend, we had to “present” this amazing video to you. Our friends M and T Banks wrote and recorded a version of Santa Baby unlike any you’ve heard before. This one’s […]